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Judge Judy Harley Handshake Deal?!; Rottweiler Puppy Death Drama (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Two parties argue over an alleged sale of a Harley Davidson motorcycle; a woman's plan to replace her family's deceased dog with a puppy is cut short.
Judge Judy Neighbor Nastiness Caught on Video! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A dog attack victim sues a negligent neighbor whose German shepherd uses a common area as a toilet and bit him while he videotaped their inconsiderate behavior.
ABC 17 News at Five (New) The latest local, regional and national news events of the day are presented by the ABC 17 Evening News Team, along with updated sports, weather and traffic.
ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (HD, New) Veteran news anchor David Muir and the ABC News Team report on the important events and headlines from across the nation and around the world.
ABC 17 News at Six (New) The major local, regional and national news events, sports, Columbia area weather conditions and traffic are reported by the ABC 17 Evening News Team.
ABC 17 News at 6:30 (New) The latest local, regional and national news events of the day are presented by the ABC 17 News Team, along with updated sports, weather and traffic.
T.J. Hooker Partners in Death (TV-PG) Corrigan pulls Stacy from their crashed vehicle moments before it explodes and their harrowing ordeal starts bringing them closer together.
Hawaii Five-0 A Matter of Mutual Concern (TV-PG) McGarrett and the team become concerned about a gangland war when ethnic tensions rise and the mutilated body of a mobster is found on the beach.
M*A*S*H Good-Bye Radar, Part 1 (TV-PG) While Radar is on leave Klinger tries to fill in but doesn't have the experience to wheel and deal when the 4077 needs a new generator.
M*A*S*H Good-Bye Radar, Part 2 (TV-PG) Radar prepares to depart the 4077th after his Uncle Ed dies leaving his widowed mother alone on the family farm, but he has a hard time saying good-bye.
The Real (HD, New, TV-PG) Singer K. Michelle discusses her album "Kimberly: The People I Used to Know"; the hosts discuss deals on products during "Steals On The Real."
Divorce Court (Repeat, TV-PG) The judge sees real-life couples who have filed for divorce, and after hearing both sides, she issues a legally binding ruling dissolving their marriages.
Judge Judy Racial Profiling?; Roommate Rebel (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Two cousins dispute the cause of their arrest and whether or not it was a racial profiling case, or simply poor driving and loud music.
The People's Court Exes bicker over belongings. (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Two former lovers argue over their possessions in a court of law, so Marilyn attempts to figure out which party should rightfully be awarded settlement money.
Last Man Standing House Rules (HD, TV-PG) When Kyle falls asleep in Kristin's bedroom after an innocent date, Mike takes action by establishing a new and more hard-lined set of house rules.
Last Man Standing Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (HD, TV-PG) Mike meets his new lesbian neighbors and is surprised when he shares interests with one of the women; Mandy seeks revenge after she catches her boyfriend lying.
Modern Family The Big Guns (HD, TV-PG) Claire hates how the neighbors' yard looks with their hideous boat parked on it, so Phil makes a strike against them; Jay struggles to potty train Joe.
Modern Family Rash Decisions (HD, TV-PG) When Phil realizes that Luke is hitting his teenage phase of shutting him out, he gets Andy to be his new assistant; Gloria worries Joe is allergic to Stella.
The Big Bang Theory The Staircase Implementation (HD, TV-PG) After a fight with Sheldon, Leonard goes to Penny for comfort and ends up telling her about how he met Sheldon and the day they moved in together.
The Big Bang Theory The Convergence Convergence (HD, TV-PG) Leonard's newly-divorced parents and Sheldon's religious mother arrive in town; Wolowitz and Koothrappali are convinced that the government is out to get them.
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